Organisations that campaign to protect sharks and the oceans.

supportoursharks Support Our Sharks is an educational resource set up to raise awareness about the need for improved shark conservation worldwide.

The Guadalupe Island Conservation Fund was established in early 2007 by the members of the scuba diving and eco-community to support and raise money to help the Government of Mexico protect the endangered shark population of Isla Guadalupe and to channel money from growing white shark tourism into local conservation-related projects on the island.

Oceanic Defense – Activation Through Education

The Animal Welfare Institute based in Washington is doing a lot to stop the sale of shark fin soup in the USA. Only 1% of their funds go towards fundraising. The rest goes towards helping animals.

Oceana – a global organisation with over 500,000 supporters doing great work protecting the oceans.

iDive Sharks – shark divers social network. Create your own profile and meet other shark divers.

Shark Savers was founded in 2007 by a group of divers and based in New York. is a site dedicated to educating the public about sharks and fighting the practise of shark finning.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society directly intervene to stop whaling, long-lining and other illegal practices that put ocean life in danger.

Shark About – great resource in Italian, some pages also in English.

The Shark Alliance is a coalition of non-governmental organisations that work for shark protection.

The Shark Trust, based in the UK, promotes the study, management and conservation of sharks, skates and rays.

The Sharklife Conservation Group, based in South Africa.

Among many other things, Wild Aid is working to protect sharks.

Shark Diver – this company is actively involved in shark conservation. If you want to go diving, go with these guys. Show that shark conservation can be compatible with business.

The Shark Foundation based in Switzerland was established to actively protect and research endangered shark species and and preserve their natural habitats.

Ocean Conservancy are working to protect American fisheries and protecting ocean life.

Greenpeace has some good information on shark finning here.

Sharks: Steward of the Reef – site for a film that examines the most brutal assault threatening shark abundance: that of finning sharks for shark fin soup. Compelling interviews with leading marine biologists and conservationists reveal these driving forces behind the drastic reduction of many shark populations.

The Australian Anti-Shark Finning Alliance (TAASFA) – an Australian group fighting the trade in shark fins.

Ocean Realm Society – working to protect sharks and stop trading in shark fins.

COARE – center for oceanic awareness, research and eduaction.

Shark Safe – protecting oceanic ecosystems by encouraging practices that do not negatively impact shark populations. – lots of information about sharks and links to videos about sharks and their conservation. – website in German with information about finning and shark conservation.

Save The Seas – website set up from the UK to alert people to the importance of marine conservation, particularly sharks.

Shark Research Institute – sponsors and conducts research on sharks and promotes their conservation, founded in 1991.

Mad Mermaids – Proudly against shark finning and whaling.

OceanGlobalNet – a nonprofit organization aiming to help our blue planet and especially the sharks with a collection of worldwide links for shark-organisations.

Useful sources of information about sharks:

FAO document: Shark Utilization, Marketing and Trade.

State of the world’s shark populations: face sheets (FAO of the United Nations). Type “shark” into the search box.

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