We Are The Monsters

Greenpeace New Zealand loved 8 year old Hector’s homemade anti-shark finning video so much that they asked for permission to use it in their campaign against shark finning.

Hector Danilo made his video – simply titled Hector on Shark Finning – after preparing for a speech he had to give at school. All the facts and figures were researched by Hector, with his older brother Felix helping out on cameraman duties.

New Zealand is one of a shrinking number of countries that still allow shark finning. If you live in New Zealand visit the New Zealand Shark Alliance to find out more about how you can demand a ban on shark finning in your country’s waters. You can also sign a petition to ban shark finning in New Zealand’s waters.


  1. OMG thats so cool!

  2. This little boy is absolutely right – he is not overburdened with life routines and he sees the world by his hart! We humans, are the monsters (in general). We are killing each other and don’t care too much for anything what is not affecting us immediately and directly. Our behavior is based on our natural anthropocentrism and here Natural Evolution stops – if you believe in evolution. If you believe in God – we are insulting God. Sharks, ants and everything else are God’s creation, just as e are! But there are people who trying to make change and ho is capable to see things in their true colors – Thank you God for them!

  3. Jenn Cascio says:

    Hector is a very intelligent and compasionate person. Good for him, for speaking up for the sharks and oceans. Good job Hector!!!!!

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