Tell Us Your Favourite Unusual Shark – Winner Announced

Wow! Over one hundred of you posted a comment on the website telling us about your favourite “unusual” shark. There were lots of very interesting comments with many awe-inspiring sharks being mentioned, including, among others, the cookiecutter, porbeagle, bonnethead, and lantern, frilled and goblin sharks. The number of entries served as a reminder of the huge variety of shark species there are in the oceans as well as how little we really know about many of them.
With such a large number of entries, selecting a winner was not an easy task, but in the end Derek Dapp was chosen, so he wins a “Bycatch is ecocide” T-shirt. Derek gave a great description of the greenland shark, and the greenland shark is such a mysterious and fascinating animal – it’s the kind of shark you read about and think “Heck – I wish we knew more about that shark!” It is generally slow moving, inhabits very cold water, often at great depths, and has a remarkably varied diet, having been known to eat anything from haddock and smaller sharks to polar bears and squid. One study has suggested that greenland sharks could live to around 200 years which would make it the longest lived vertebrate on Earth. Find out more about the greenland shark on the GEERG (Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group) website!


  1. Crongratz!!

  2. Thanks! I’ve always been interested in the Greenland shark, and it was an honor to have my reply chosen out of all the great replies!

  3. The hammerhead is my favourite. They’re an unusual looking creature.

  4. Wobegong is definatley my favorite

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