Stop Shark Finning Petitions

Please sign these internet petitions to protect sharks and demand a ban on shark finning. Please also share them with your contacts on social media platforms.

Get in touch if you know of any more!

Added July 7th 2014:

Greenpeace Australia Pacific has started a petition against the Western Australian shark cull. Sign here.

Added July 4th 2014:

Spain and other European nations are killing millions of sharks in the Atlantic and Mediterranean each year. It’s time to set scientifically sound catch limits. Sign this petition to stop uncontrolled shark fishing now.

Added September 4th 2013:

Ban sale/distribution of the shark fins and products containing shark fins. Sign here.

Added August 6th 2013:

Tell Reunion Island not to cull sharks! Sign here. Also this petition.

Added June 24th 2013:

EU Commission: Ban the sale of Shark Fin products. Sign here.

Added June 5th 2013:

MUJI JAPAN: Stop selling shark fin soup. Sign here.

Added May 14th 2013:

A petition to ask eBay and Amazon to prohibit the sale/auction of shark by-products. Sign here. (Petition launched by Shark Guardians).

Added May 11th 2013:

Hong Kong Government: Legislate a ban on the sale and possession of shark fin in Hong Kong. Sign here.

Added March 1st 2013:

Petition to tell the governors of Florida, Massachusetts and New York to support a shark fin ban in their state. Sign here.

Added January 21st 2013:

Petition to ban shark fins in Burnaby. Sign here.

Added January 16th 2013:

We Want a Worldwide Shark Fin Ban. Sign here.

Added January 15th 2013:

We have lauched this petition to tell Hilton Hotels to stop selling shark fin soup at its restaurants in the Far East. Sign here.

Ban Shark Fin Soup Australia Wide. Sign here.

Added January 10th 2013:

CITES: Take Action – CITES is supposed to be protecting the world’s most endangered species – but their secret ballots and lack of transparency seem to do more to protect the trade in endangered species. Sign here.

Added November 8th 2012:

Shark Fin Import Ban: Petition to Canada’s House of Commons. Sign here.

UK: Ban Shark Oil in Supplements. Sign here.

Added October 2nd 2012:

Western Australia: Make illegal the unprovoked killing of Great Whites. Sign here.

Added October 1st 2012:

Support Shark Fin Ban in Ottawa – sign here.

Added September 28th 2012:

Western Australian Government- Abandon your irresponsible policy to cull Great White Sharks. Sign here.

Added September 21st 2012:

eBay: Stop selling Shark Cartilage & other Shark related products! Sign here.

Can you believe they sell THIS in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport? Help us stop it! Sign here.

Close Shark Finning Loopholes in EU. Sign here.

Added August 30th 2012:

Petition to remove shark fin soup from restaurant in Atlantic City, NJ. Sign here.

Save Great Whites from extinction. Sign here. (From Shark Stewards).

Added August 28th 2012:

Petition to ban the sale of shark fins in the Waterloo region of Ontario, Canada. Sign here.

Canada, It’s Time to Ban the Shark Fin Trade! Sign here.

Added July 9th 2012:

Petition to stop shark finning in New Zealand waters and ban the trade of all shark fin products.

Added June 26th 2012:

Petition to ban the possession, distribution and sale of shark fins in Idaho.

Added June 22nd 2012:

Stop finners drying shark fins in Arico, Tenerife.

Added June 8th 2012:

State of Florida: Ban the sale, possession, or distribution of shark or shark parts. Sign here.

Added June 3rd 2012:

Stop Shark Finning and the Sale of Shark Fin Soup – aimed at the Chinese government. Sign here.

Added March 16th 2012:

Dr Giam Choo-Hoo is a member of CITES but supports the shark fin industry. Please sign this important petition to get him removed from CITES. Read about Dr Giam Choo-Hoo here.

Added February 24th 2012:

Petition to the president of Mexico requesting protection for sharks (in Spanish and English). Sign here.

Added February 20th 2012:

Do sharks belong on our boats? Take Action! Stop the Australian government from granting permission to kill 100,000 sharks per year! Sign here.

Added February 13th 2012:

City of Victoria Petition to Ban Shark Fins. Sign here.

Added February 2nd 2012:

Manila Hotel: Stop serving shark fin dishes. Sign here.

Added January 12th 2012:

Stop the killing of bull sharks in the Breede River, South Africa! Sign here.

Added January 6th 2012:

Support the creation of a shark sanctuary in Semporna, Malaysia. Sign here. There is also a facebook page for the project.

Petition to ban the import of shark fin to Canada.

Added October 28th 2011:

Ban shark fins in Vancouver. Sign here.

Added October 26th 2011:

Petition to the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: Create a public policy not to serve shark products at official functions. Sign here.

Added October 24th 2011:

Prevent Western Australia’s Sharks from being culled. Sign here.

To the Governor of New York: Stop the Sale, Posession and Trade of Shark Fin in New York State. Sign here.

Added October 20th 2011:

Tell GNC you want them to using shark cartilage in their products. There is no scientific evidence that supports health claims, yet it continues to be sold as a health product. Sign the petition here.

Added October 13th 2011:

Ban shark finning in New Zealand waters, and outlaw the trade in shark fin products. Sign here.

Added September 21st 2011:

Stop the sale of shark fin soup in Western Australia. Sign here.

Added September 20th 2011:

End the selling of shark fin and shark products online.

Added August 19th 2011:

Do not kill sharks in response to the tragic deaths in Seychelles! Sign petition here.

Petition to ban the sale and consumption of shark fins in Brunei Darussalam. Sign here.

Ban the Use, Sale and Import of Shark Fin Products in the UK. Sign here.

Added August 16th 2011:

Shark Alliance Petition to European politicians to protect sharks and stop shark finning. Sign it here.

Added July 20th 2011:

The Sea Save Foundation has created a toolkit for people interested in supporting the California shark bill. Plenty of things you can do here to help.

Petition to limit/ ban shark fin trade in Singapore.

Added May 12th 2011:

Support the shark finning ban in Chile. (English version is further down the page).

Ask the San Jose Sharks: End Shark Fin Soup! Click here.

Added March 21st 2011:

Support Chinese Legislation to Ban Shark Fins.

Added March 18th 2011:

Petition to Mr Chan Restaurant, South Africa.

Added January 27th 2011:

Red Chilli Restaurants in the UK Serve a range of Shark Fin dishes. Lets put pressure on them to take it off their menu, thus reducing the demand for shark fins in the UK. Sign here.

Added January 24th 2011:

Mabul Island (Malaysia) is a small island that is being developped for tourism – and guess what – they are finning sharks there. Please sign the petition asking them to ban finning. Sharks are worth more alive than dead. Divers want to see sharks in the ocean, not in a bowl of soup!

Added September 17th 2010:

Ban Shark Fin Soup in all of the US

Added August 26th 2010:

Free the whale sharks in Tateyama Japan – they are being held captive in Hasama Ocean Park after being caught recently by fishermen. Sign here.

Stop Nomura’s $1.6 billion ocean raid. This is an environmental crime, and this company needs to be stopped. Please sign the petition here.

Added August 24th 2010:

Petition to the US Senate to remove the loopholes in shark finning legislation.

Petition to stop exporting shark fins from Peru.

Added January 18th 2010:

Petition to urge the government of the Bahamas to ban the importation of shark related items and to ban shark fishing. Please sign it here.

Added November 2nd 2009:

Sign this petition to remove the shark nets in Australian waters.

Added August 27, 2009:

Petition to ask New York restaurants to stop serving shark fin soup. This has been set up by New Yorkers Against Shark Finning – “We, and many other environmentally conscious New Yorkers, feel strongly that serving Shark Fin Soup in US restaurants, where the practice of shark finning is banned, is a moral contradiction to our shared goal of protecting the environment. We therefore urge that restaurants start taking an ethical stand and accept full responsibility for what they are serving to customers by eliminating this one dish from their menu.”

Sign Wild Aid’s petition to encourage Ban Ki-Moon and the UN General Assembly to take action immediately to protect the shark populations across the globe and stop shark finning.

Petition to the President of the People’s Republic of China to tell the government to ban the catching, import and sale of sharks and all shark related products.