1. There are numerous effective and meaningful measure that could be taken to protect both ocean-goers and sharks. Killing sharks isn’t one of them.

    Are you confusing yourself with God?

  2. Kayleigh Adams says:

    This in no way should happen. I hope our voices count.

  3. Carole Moore says:

    Between sharks and humans, I wonder which ones are the most entitled to be in the ocean?

    • well sharks have lived there for millions of years and adapted to all the changes, we come in and start messing up all the ecosystems by overfishing, of course they will go closer to the shore where beachgoers are. we can share the ocean as it is there home as well as ours, but it doesn’t make sense to kill the original owners of the ocean especially when we are the ones ruining the reefs with pollution and other acts. 😀

    • Is it possible that any part of a shark could create impotence in men and women from the parasites being passed on from shark to man, despite the fin being boiled, dried or cooked? Has every Catholic fisherman thought about how blasphemous their actions are destroying God’s creatures for profit? Desemating a population that is vital to the survival of the rest of the creatures in our magnificent ocean? I am not religious but wonder how those that are sleep at night with what they do to these innocent creatures.
      A group must be created and gather to address the united nations to create a protective body to police our oceans permanently. Where do we start?

  4. Shaun larson says:

    The Ocean is the sharks world we should respect that & not try to control it!

  5. Shark finning is totally abhorrent and should be banned. When they catch the shark, they lops off all of its fins and throw it back to drown. That is totally inhumane and for what STUPID SOUP.

  6. When sharks walk on land then we have a problem til that day comes I will never condone culling.

  7. Sharks have been living in the ocean a lot longer than we’ve existed on land they have just as much a right to live as we do. We are going swimming in their oceans, when you treat an animal incorrectly problems are likely to arise.

  8. Sharks were here first! They’ve ruled the oceans for over 10,000,000 years!! And now we’re killing them because they get in OUR way???

  9. The ocean belongs to aquatic life, keep humans out or waters if they fear for their life.

  10. *The oceans belong to aquatic life forms, if humans fear for their lives, keep them out of the waters.

  11. Janie Peters says:

    Culling of a species because it might pose a threat to some humans recreational swimming is barbaric. They are not evil. They deserve the right to be in their home. They were here long before humans. Please rise above mass killing and show some compassion for these magnificent creatures.

  12. Scott Russell says:

    This is absurd. Shame on you, Australia. Using this logic, I suppose if a human killed another human, it would make sense to kill as many random humans as possible to cut down on murder rates…

  13. Leave sharks alone. Stop destroying the earth. Unbelievable how much damage people do to this earth.

  14. Where to start! Between sharks being the balancing act of the ocean (and have been since before the dinosaurs) and the fact that there is no scientific proof that shark fin soup has any benefits, at all, from human consumption. The fact that WA is culling sharks by putting out BAIT and contributing loss to an already threatened species and threatening their own reputation for tourism anyway!!! I wish sharks could scream their pain, then maybe fishermen would be less willing to slowly decapitate a shark and throw it back in the ocean to drown. I am not a vegan, nor a ‘hippy’ I speak for myself and everyone I know. This has to stop and sharks need our protection. Yours truly – normal people.

  15. Humans kill more sharks, than sharks kill humans.

  16. Ian Palmer says:

    There is no way this can be justified! If we choose to use the oceans for recreational purposes we must accept any associated risk.
    I am a diver and as such respect that I’m entering the sharks domain. I would even say that I feel privileged to share their environment.
    It makes me so angry that people feel they have some divine right to abuse and destroy the planets wildlife for commercial gain.
    I fear that the human race will not learn until it’s too late.

  17. You don’t like it when people tresspass into your dove. Respect the shark’s space.

  18. Jovica Krsmanovic says:

    Stop the killing of the life on our planet !!!

  19. Destroying our oceans and it’s precious life is no answer to a human problem. No intelligent person believes murder is ever the resolution but will consider all and every reasonable possibility.

  20. This barbaric and ignorant act needs to cease. Sharks are sentient beings. Humans don’t have the right to kill or harm them in any way. A humane , intelligent & effective approach should be addressed.

  21. Steve Tyler says:

    My family had planned a vacation to Australia in the near future. However, we take the actions of governments quite seriously. In this case, we have canceled our plans.

  22. Gabriela Bartels says:

    Humans, the only animal in the world to fear. (D.H. Lawrence)

  23. just another poor austrailan government policy , the one true beautiful thing about this country is nature , the rest of it is a pathetic joke

  24. ellis de greef says:

    There must be another way to keep people save. It’a their ocean….animals always have to be killed or leave their territory because people think their superior.

  25. Derek Aughton says:

    Are Australia becoming the new Japan or china

  26. Keith harris says:

    It’s sad and disgusting that we are even thinking of killing sharks in their natural habitat. Many more people are killed by cars but we sell more of them?

  27. Tomáš Kovačič says:

    The recent shark cull in WA has nothink to do with true protection of swimmers or statistic reduce of attacks, it is just an arrogant abuse of power, and so it has to be treated with on the international level

  28. alan elkan says:

    It’s shark killing in the west side, rubble dumping on the east side. What next for an environment destructive Australia? Sharks kill about 10 people worldwide a year- box jellyfish far more. . Also sharks eat jellyfish- including the massively expanding shoals of huge Nomura type. So which is more logical?

  29. Marco Moroni says:

    Humans think that destroy everything is the solution, they can’t learn from the past. We must learn to live helping nature and environment before it’d be to late.

  30. How many accident on the road ??? It’s sure more than shark attack…

  31. we need sharks in the ocean!they are important to keep the balance in that envirement!if we destroy to many species,our oceans will die too…..

  32. These creatures have been here for millions of years. Humans have been here for 1000s of years. As Jeff said Humans are NOT God! What right do we have to kill them in their own environments for doing what comes naturally to them? Education and awareness of local public to the risks need to be looked at before just killing!

  33. Karen Dorey says:

    Killing Sharks is not an option,they are entitled to a life and freedom to swim the worlds oceans in peace.Learning about sharks can teach the medical profession about cures for cancers and other diseases,as sharks do not get cancer and when introduced to their bodies the cancer does not take hold,if you can learn the secret of their immune system who know what we can find to cure of other diseases.Please help these ancient creatures !

  34. Kelly Swing says:

    Cigarettes kill way more people than sharks. What are you doing on that front? Can we get some perspective?

  35. What can I say? It’s such a ridiculous action. It’s hard to believe anyone would be dum enough to go long with killing sharks in their own territory. It’s stupid and cruel!!!!

  36. Yes to Education! No to the shameful intrusion into the nature’s sacred balance!

    • You would think by now they would have figured out a better method. Sharks don’t know there are humans out there swimming, they think it’s just food. I’ve heard they prefer other meat to human. REMEMBER EXTINCTION IS FOREVER…ONCE THEY ARE ALL KILLED THERE WILL BE NO MORE. THAT WOULD RUIN THE ECOSYSTEM BIG TIME.

  37. Jada O'Brien says:

    Sharks obviously. They have been around wayyyyy longer.

  38. I’m so strongly against the shark slaughter that I’m written a thriller called “Shark Fin Soup.” that comes out Aug. 6, Shark Week on Discovery. It’s about a young man who tries to save sharks from extinction, and I’m hoping it will open some eyes to this tragedy.

  39. sarah claessens says:

    stop shark finning!

  40. I will never go to Australia again if they continue and I would encourage others to boycott them too.

  41. Please, this has to stop!

  42. Hear me now, please stop this!!!

  43. I so wish that scientists rather than politicians would make decisions on issues involving wildlife, ecosystems, oceans. Politicians respond to the wrong info and make decisions that won’t get what they want – in this case the logic must be something like. “If we kill some sharks, people will feel safer and tourism will be assured.” Instead, the result is no one is safer, a threatened taxa that is actually important to the ocean is diminished and people worldwide are offended enough to speak out, probably damaging tourism. I’m not a scientist, but I work with them and wish more people would listen to them.

  44. Michaela Keating says:

    Sharks are predators by nature. Food is good to them. They don’t deserve to die for being hungry.

  45. Please educate yourselves on how killing sharks is detrimental to our ocean.

  46. The ocean is theirs. We are the visitors. It is not right to cull them. It would better serve visitors to have alarms set up for warning when sharks are close then to kill the sharks.

  47. Water is the sharks domain….Land is the human race’s domain…..If you can not accept this…..Stay the F&@K out of the water!!!!

  48. Disgusting!

  49. wayne priestley says:
  50. Stop it….!!!!

  51. It is appalling to learn that the Australian government is considering a shark “cull”, esp. at a time when the balance of ocean ecosystems is so tenuous. As a predator species, sharks are more critical to healthy seas than ever. Keep human “logic”(?) OUT of this mix, and leave the sharks alone! After all….. sharks have survived for millions of years without human intervention – are we really so arrogant to think that at this critical juncture we need to get involved ?

  52. please make is stop!!!!!!!!!

  53. Robert Savery says:

    Humans have a duty of care to the wild animals and their habitat

  54. we have 7 billion people on this planet. I am pretty sure if we lose a few to a couple of sharks it won’t make any difference. If you continue to kill sharks you will see a difference in humans because with out a healthy ocean we can not have a health land. Let the sharks live in there own enviroment. If you get attacked by a shark, go by a lotto ticket because your chances of a shark attack are 1 in a million.

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