“Fins are for Sharks!” Poster

Stop Shark Finning has created a striking poster to encourage people to say no to shark fin soup. The graphic is available for download. Any supporters who would be able to help with creating versions in their own language are encouraged to get in touch.

Fins are for Sharks, not for soup!


Fins are for sharks, not for soup! The demand for shark fin soup means that in just a few years many shark species could become extinct. Sharks have been around for 400 million years and they are vital for the health of the oceans. Think about sharks. Think about the oceans. Say no to shark fin soup.


  1. I completely disagree with shark finning and shark fin soup in every way shape and form. I am writing this right now because I feel this poster is completely ineffective at deterring anyone from shark fin soup. I feel the cartoon shark (with highlighted fins) and pictured soup if anything stimulates the mind to think of the soup and may even elicit curiosity. The way food is advertised these days is too similar to the graphic above and I believe this poster may actually be unintentionally advertising the soup. I would recommend focusing more on the negative results of shark finning and the shark itself, while leaving the soup out of featured posters. I don’t want to be unsupportive, because I am strongly in favor of stopping all shark finning and preserving the health of the ocean, but I did want to give my opinions and input on the new poster so that the hosts and creators may re-evaluate their work. (I could be wrong, but thank you for reading)

    • Thanks very much for your feedback. The overwhelming reaction to the poster has been positive. There will be different graphics and posters forthcoming which will tackle the issue from different perspectives.

  2. I feel this poster is attacking the right kind of market. Shark finning needs to be out there. In a just world it needs to have more airtime than X-Factor or Lady Gaga! There needs to be more empathy in the popular media. Writers and artists as well should take to the cause. Inspire the minds of people before you can to their heart.

    I’ve tried to do my small part to this end by writing a short story about shark finning to raise awareness. I’m using my humble means to spread it as widely as I can in non-conservation niches. Proceeds from it will go to any anti-shark-finning group willing to accept my donations.


    • Good for you, Justin.

      Anything that can make the public more aware of the problem – the better.

      I too have just completed part one of a comic-book series that I soon hope to upload on youtube.

      “The Adventures of Shecky the Baby Great White” tells the story of what it means to a baby shark when it’s Mommy is dying due to finning.

      I’ll post here again to let you know when it will be available for viewing.

      Good Luck with your project.

      stas (still waiting for Shark’s comments on the comic-book)

  3. Can I buy this poster?

  4. Julianne Leazard says:

    I totally am against shark fining. Put yourself in their shoes. They have feelings too. Their fin is part of them, not us. They are not made for human hunger. INJUSTICE!

  5. Julianne Leazard says:

    Since they don’t have a mouth, so I’ll speak for the sharks!

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