New Zealand Shark Fin Ban: Have Yor Say!

A lot of people are welcoming New Zealand’s proposal to ban shark finning (about time!) – but we want it done faster, and we want it to follow the advice from the Convention on Migratory Species.
You can make a submission by the 8th of December 2013 to or to:

Fisheries Management
Ministry for Primary Industries
P O Box 2526
Wellington 6140

You want to make a difference? Here’s your chance. Say what you think but be polite.

More info:

Thanks to the wonderful New Zealand Shark Alliance for this action alert.


  1. alan elkan says:

    Millions of sharks are killed in the most cruel way by being definned alive then left to bleed to death- and all for the increasingly greedy chinese market for a totally useless glutineous soup.
    This must stop. It gets less publicity than the occasional “shark kills human”.

    Please initiate a ban on it as advised by the CMS — now, not later.
    Did you know that sharks (and turtles) eat jellyfish. Jellyfish especially the massive Nomura and the Lions Mane types are increasing at an alarming rate in many oceans helped by the slaughter of sharks.

  2. i agree stop shark finning! Stop the barbaric constant abuse of our wildlife all together!

  3. I am horrified at the vast numbers of sharks that are being killed every year and the devastating effect this is having on the environment.
    If a country such as New Zealand is still shark finning then all the people who live there should be ashamed of themselves.
    By banning this ridiculous and non-sustainable practice will send a clear message to countries around the world to follow suit.

  4. Please stop yhr shark finning practice in your NZ water. Sharks are part of the food chain; without them the food chain will be un-balanced and all the creatures are going to suffer.

  5. Nigel Goodman says:

    Submission sent and email sent

  6. Sharks were on Earth hundreds of millions of years before man. By rights, the planet should be shared by man with sharks and other life. Instead, we allow a few rich and greedy people to end certain life forms for profit.

  7. Joey Rossi says:

    Shark Finning is brutal!
    Stop it now!

  8. Pam Naylor says:

    Please ban the cruel & brutal practice od shark finning in your oceans! This decimates shark populations and in turn harms the ocerall balance and health of our oceans! Shark fins have no taste, they are used to add texture that can be achieved by other means. In short it is a ridiculous status symbol. Buy expensive champagne, wear a rolex or drive an expensive car to prove your “status” but leave the sharks alone!!!

  9. Glen from Winnipeg , Canada… stop Shark Finning… World Wide.

  10. Shark finning is awful. Cutting every fin off the shark and throwing it back in the ocean to drown or bleed to death. I’ve been actively trying to help stop shark finning since sixth grade (about 3 years ago) and a group of 4 other people, my teacher, and I actually got enough signature for people to vote yes on AB 376 and we actually banned shark finning in the state of California!

  11. Shark Finning is so cruel and it needs to be stopped! Without sharks what would happened to our food chain,what would happend to the ocean? Sharks need to be protected!

  12. i support this 100%. shark finning has got to stop. its killing the environment and ruining the oceans. sharks eat jelly fish, with decreasing numbers of sharks there are way more jelly fish

  13. I am From New Zealand and I am so glad that this is stopping. New Zealand is a great place but it makes me muck happier to know that the brutal killing of these great creatures is being stopped.

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