John West Supplier Using Indiscriminate and Destructive Fishing Devices

Greenpeace UK have just released a video showing a destructive fishing device used by one of John West’s suppliers. The ship Esperanza found the “FAD” (Fish Aggregation Device) had been deployed by a French-flagged ship in the Indian Ocean, and that fish caught by this vessel had been packaged and sold by John West as well as French company Petit Navire.

FADs are used to attract fish to a location; these fish are then scooped up in huge nets. The target species is often tuna but many other species are also trapped and die in the nets, including silky sharks (classified as near threatened by the IUCN), whitetip shark (vulnerable), mako sharks (vulnerable) and the galapagos shark (near threatened). However, it is not just these sharks that get caught up in the catch Рany animal that is unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity of the FAD will get scooped up.

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  1. phil horey says:

    No more John west products for me or my family

  2. Watch this video for more information about FADs
    Greenpeace wants an international ban on these devices.

  3. Austin wood says:

    Traps and nets should and can be replaced with methods that are more accurate at targeting specific species.

  4. That’s just awful. Is there a more efficient way to find and confiscate the FADs ? I think this should be publicized more.

  5. susan Klaus says:

    How to stop finning and save sharks? Read the award-winning thriller, SHARK FIN SOUP by Susan Klaus

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