Indiana Kids Educate School About Shark Finning

Shark Art (Shakamak Elementary School, Jasonville, IN)

Jasonville art teacher Amy Campbell recently gave her 5th graders an art lesson with a difference. Amy introduced the Shakamak Elementary class to the controversial issue of shark finning – the practice of hacking the fins off living sharks which are then thrown back into the ocean where they die a painful death. The children were outraged by what they discovered and were keen to let other students and teachers know about shark finning via their art work.

Below are some examples of the students’ art which was displayed in the school hallway.

Thank you to Amy and the kids at Shakamak Elementary for educating others in their community about shark finning.

Teachers and educators: would you like to tell others the truth about sharks? Do you want to expose the myth that all sharks are maneaters? Do you want to educate your class about shark finning?  Visit the links below to access a comprehensive range of teaching materials for all ages:

Shark Trust – Education and Awareness

Shark Trust – Spreading Awareness About Shark Finning

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  1. I would like to thank this teacher. What she did is very honorable and humane.

  2. Good for the teacher. All children should understand the travesties that man inflicts upon innocent animals. Especially shark finning. The sharks are helpless without their fins and sink to the bottom of the ocean and die because they can’t swim.

  3. Good for teacher, Amy Campbell, spreading the word to our kids. Wish more teachers made this a priority that our wildlife is vanishing. Susan Klaus, author of the thriller, Shark Fin Soup. Adult read.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. It really does help to see examples of people who care and make a real difference. There are so many negative things in the news and the World around us that work such as this helps to readdress the balance.

  5. Bertil Zandén says:

    Excellent work, Amy Campbell !

  6. Irwin Gold says:

    I’m inspired! We are studying hammerheads for our opinion piece in our 3rd grade special day class. I hope you don’t mind… my students are already drawing hammerheads! Your artwork is beautiful, and the topic relevant Thanks for sharing your work.

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