Have your say on the shark cull in Western Australia

This alert was received today from the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Please leave thoughtful comments saying why you oppose the shark cull.

“When the Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett announced a cull of sharks late last year, he failed to consult the public.

Opposition to the cull has been enormous.

Thousands of people have attended protests in WA and around the country. More than 14,500 signed our petition to Premier Barnett. Hundreds of people donated to our billboard in the Premier’s electorate.

Pressure is building on the WA Government to stop the cull.

The cull has been referred to the WA Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), which is now calling for public comments to help them assess the environmental impacts of the cull.

Finally, we can have our say.

The EPA can allow the shark cull to continue, rule it out as environmentally unacceptable, or suspend the cull while a full environmental impact assessment is undertaken.

Tell the WA Environmental Protection Authority they need to rule out the shark cull as environmentally unacceptable.

Select Assess – API category B (environmentally unacceptable)

And tell the EPA why. Some dot points are below to assist you:

  • The shark cull policy amounts to an intentional mass cull of a number of different shark species. This threatens some of our most vulnerable marine wildlife
  • There is no scientific evidence that mass killing of sharks reduces shark bites
  • Sharks are apex predators, a vital part of our oceans that keep the natural balance to ensure we have healthy oceans
  • The WA Fisheries Department’s own Risk Assessment states that the drumlines will have no impacts on sharks population, but the express intention of setting the drumlines is to reduce the number of sharks by catching and killing them
  • The cull targets reproductively important sharks. For species threatened with extinction, this will likely have a significant impact on population numbers now and in the future
  • The drumline hooks are allegedly designed to only catch large sharks. This has proved ineffective and a large number of small (<3m) sharks have been caught and killed
  • The baited drumlines may also catch other threatened species besides sharks, including dolphins and sea turtles”

Click here to have your say.

Please hurry – the submission period is short. We have until 20 February to have our say.


  1. Stupid politicians in Western Australia trying to win votes with fear mongering and going on a killing spree to cull sharks for a few attacks on people! What do you think will happen when stupid people go into the water for fun and games?

  2. Lesley Millward says:

    Mr. Barnett, I am shocked and disappointed with your decision to cull sharks, without sharks we cannot have a healthy ocean. We must respect all living creatures so that our ecosystem ensures a healthy planet. !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Steve Tyler says:

    I am vehemently opposed to this cull and will work to see that tourism is affected.

  4. Dear Sir/madam:
    Just out of common sense Environment Protection Agency should be protecting an environment…
    Sharks, birds, ants, etc. are pert of our environment – it would be difficult to argue it. Killing any specie regardless we like it or not is not protecting the environment, rather destroying it.
    Sharks were subject to extremely inhumane treatment since Jaws fictional movie was released – it was tragedy!

    Supporting attack on our planet due to political reasons is very undignified act.
    Please consider protecting our world were sharks are important pert of it.

    Oleg Finodeyev,

  5. As apex predators sharks are vital to the health of our oceans and healthy oceans our vital to the health of our planet. Indiscriminate killing of these amazing and endangered creatures will NOT save human lives but may in fact endanger them more.
    Furthermore, drumlines kill more than sharks, dolphins and sea turtles also become victims. In short this poorly thought out knee jerk action is doing permanent and devastating damage to our entire marine ecosystem. Not to mention Australia’s reputation worldwide.
    If doing what is best for the environment will not sway you maybe money will. Australia’s largest tourist draw is the Great Barrier Reef and this action is destroying it along with a large chunk of Australia’s economy.

  6. hey, three skiers were killed in the United States by avalanches, I want to get legislation passed to cull all ski hills

    • Janelle Tuero says:

      Good point David. Do you relise that more people are killed in PLASTIC CHAIR accidents than ALL SHARK and CROCIDILE, and Hippo attacks world wide annually!

  7. Jenny Trench says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if, just for once, when a government makes such an illinformed and highly controversial decision such as the shark culling that they could admit to the mistake and reverse that decision. the culling will never, ever work because unless you kill every shark (and destroy the entire ocean ecosystem) then there will always be the chance that someone gets bitten.

  8. Katrien Vandevelde says:


  9. Shark culls are not proven to decrease numbers of shark human attacks. You are removing oceans essential predators, disrupting vital balance of marine ecosystem. Urge you to stop and consult now

  10. When will man learn –

    he CAN NOT TAME nature?

    So there are shark bites?
    Do the sharks come onto our terrain and bite?
    A few bites and we want to kill them all!


    Let the sharks live in peace in THEIR ENVIRONMENT.


  11. Brett Laurence-Gresham says:

    This is utter lunacy! This kind of knee-jerk reaction is typical of the fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering attitude that has seen wolf and bear populations driven to the verge of extinction on land. Only now have conservationist realized the importance of these creatures in maintaining the equilibrium amongst different species that share an habitat and allow it to flourish and thrive. Whilst the reintroduction of said animals has had some success, this can be attributed to the simple fact that we know a hell of a lot more about terrestrial species and eco-systems than aquatic! Marine biology as a study and a science is by comparison, still in its infancy and the effects of the shark cull policy CANNOT be measured or predicted. We simply do not have enough data as to its long term effects. Furthermore, the Royal Australian Navy dedicates a great deal of time and resources to patrolling Australia’s coastlines and waters in an attempt to stop illegal fishing and shark finning. It strikes me as being an act of hypocracy to protect wildlife in one place and destroy it in another. Wake up and smell the coffee! The seas and oceans, and EVERYTHING in them need to be protected from us, not us from them!

  12. Renee Robertson says:

    Thank you for the information and opportunity to take part in this important action which will greatly impact sharks!

  13. Stop this cull it will have major impacts on the eco system of the reefs which are already suffering

  14. I am one of probably 30 locals that live in Gracetown where there has been a serious shark problem.I am for something being done to stop the shark attacks here,the Brazilian model seems the best.
    I am worried about my three young children the youngest only six being taken by a shark.I have been surfing here for over thirty years and moved here because of the waves but unfortunately there is little else for my kids to do but surf.
    We are hopefully going to knock off a couple,hopefully a big one that I have seen twice with a nick missing out of her fin that may be responsible a few fatals here.My 13 year old boy was lucky not to of been taken by this shark a few years back as it swam within 20m of him at our local kids surf break.
    If we kill say 20 sharks in WA over 3m each year it is fine with me and I think that shark finning is far more of and issue with the 10s of millions up to estimates of 100 million a year killed.
    I have seen the professional protesters in the media and most others because it is fashionable to save sharks in WA at the moment at the rallies.I just wonder if Shapelle had got released the day the “CULL” was announced or new series of Masterchef started would the outcry been as bad.
    As for dolphins and turtles being killed is not correct,we don’t ever see turtles down here and the dolphins learn pretty quickly how to get a free meal by stealing the baits off the drum line as they do on the east coast.
    As for the drum lines attracting the sharks,from what I have seen that the bigger issue is the holiday home owners (Cottesloe) setting their pots in the bay within 60m of the kids swimming lessons.Over the Xmas period I counted 46 pots in the bay all would of been baited,this would attract more sharks that single baited lines set along the coast.

  15. This is utterly absurd!!! millions of Sharks are killed by Humans (who have been here millions of years before Humans) for every person that are killed by Sharks. For any HUMAN to claim another species as ‘dangerous killers’ is laughable. Put a stop to this right away.

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