GrubHub still listing restaurants that sell shark fin soup

Despite considerable pressure from consumers, GrubHub are still listing restaurants that sell shark fin soup (as well as fois gras, which is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese).

A petition which has now reached over 41,000 signatures is demanding that GrubHub take a responsible stand on this issue. You can also contact GrubHub by email:

GrubHub on Twitter

GrubHub on facebook

To confirm that GrubHub are still listing shark fin soup, click here.

At the moment shark fin soup is listed in all areas except those where it has been made illegal. As one of the world’s major food ordering companies, GrubHub should take an ethical and sustainable stand and immediately remove both shark fin soup and fois gras from all its listings.


  1. Come on folks, it’s XXI, it’s about time to be HUMAN!!!

  2. Dana Kalinowski says:

    It’s a simple way to send a clear message, and do the right thing.

  3. I will no longer use GrubHub (and I have done so fairly often in the past). Find your humanity GH and help others find theirs!

  4. Do you know how cruel this is? Do you know what happens to the sharks when their fins are cut off? You are responsible for this suffering. Do something about it, please.

  5. I will no longer use grubhub

  6. Barbara Rolls says:

    Cruel & not necessary. Just after the almighty dollar. Do many sharks die a slow cruel. Stop this cruelty now. Please

  7. Wouldn’t petitioning the actual restaurants be better.

    • Hennie Bezuidenhout says:

      Stop this barbaric practice!!

    • thats what i thought. i didnt know grubhub was responsible that. i thought the people who actually ate the soup would get the blow. i geuss that doesnt make much sense though. people are so stupid these days. even if they did take those restaurants off, they’d still sell the soup. it feels like common sense to me but i geuss no one has that anymore.

  8. Why do you support such cruelty????

  9. Paul Maddison says:

    Consumers stop supporting these restaurant’s

  10. Brooke Ashe says:

    That is just disgusting! How can people be so cruel? The pure neglect and irresponsibility if Grub Hubbard is amazing. I will never use their business and I will be sure to let it be known that they do not care about animal cruelty and torture.

  11. GruHub pleas stop listing restaurants that sell Shark Fin Soup. Lets stop the slaughter.

  12. Wake up and just look at the figures! Shark populations are decreasing from over fishing in nearly all oceans resulting in an imbalance in other species which then has a knock on effect in the next stage of the food chain, ultimately leaving our oceans without an equal balance of natural predators and prey, not to mention the other top end predators like bill fish and Blue fin being pursued mercisely. If you are currently selling fin products you are helping condemn our future generations to a worryingly fish less and toxic ocean, through the then subsequent need to harvest the next highest earning species, and so on! Shame on you for your short term greed at the cost of all our tomorrow’s!! PS I’m a licensed fisherman with my own opinions on how fishing should be conducted ethically and sustainably!

  13. Whats wrong with you. Drag yourself into the present, this is unacceptable.

  14. What is it that you do not understand about this issue? For reasons you should know well, killing sharks for their fins is an unacceptable practice, and restaurants who encourage it by serving sharks’ fin soup should be boycotted.

  15. Colin Svanberg says:

    I’m definitely against killing 100 million sharks every year by cutting off their fins and throwing them back in the water to drown, but I am not opposed to legitimate shark fishing where the whole of the shark is used for human consumption. I don’t know where the shark fins come from that are used in the restaurants you refer to. I hope you do.

  16. Don’t ever go to their restaurants and get laws passed to protect these endangered animals

  17. As the name implies, no class, no thought, no conscience. I won’t use Grubhub.

  18. As a hard core fighter against fining, i would sign, i can’t put my name on the petition because you are somehow confusing things by adding foie gras (?????)

    Maybe you are sensible to fight forcefeeding , well 1) naturally fed foie gras is now easily found, 2) it has nothing to do with shark fining, it is not the same fight .

    Please get things right, and don’t mix 2 fights that have nothing in common , absolutely nothing !

  19. Paulette fay says:

    Cutting the fins off these lovely creatures is cruel and leaves these creatures to die a slow death, I cannot understand how anyone can be so cruel and in humane

  20. John Gorman says:

    Just sent those wankers an email. I plan to blow it up on IG as well @africajohn Disgusting – each day I swear it looks like we take two steps backward as a species!

  21. richard says:

    I am really passionate about stopping shark finning!!!!!!

  22. Stop this barbaric practice…this is degusting

  23. Gini Longarzo says:

    Grub Hub, you are dead to me!!

  24. Grubhub. Stop the cruelty. Stop it !!

  25. Grub hub sucks and needs to show that they are actually people and STOP selling shark fin food. FYI ” Grub hub” sharks are one of Gods creatures too!!!!!!

  26. sharktopus04 says:

    sharks deserve to live there no different then a dog or a cat

  27. I’m totally disgusted at shark finning and the savages that perpetrate this. I’ve been a diver for decades and when you kill the top predator you kill the whole reef. Fish counts are done scientifically by counting the numbers of sharks. No sharks = no fish. I also know first hand that killing a shark and leaving it on the bottom means that other sharks leave the area. I’ve seen a Chinese factory fishing boat with 5 miles of floats, each with an antenna sticking up. We were sailing between PR and the Bahamas. I thought it was long line tuna fishing, but I’m sure they take fins too. How can we allow our seas to be raped like this? GRRR!

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