The Dorsal Effect

Kathy Xu

Kathy Xu, second right.

After watching Sharkwater, Kathy Xu was so determined to do something to save the region’s remaining sharks that she decided to leave her teaching career and work on her own project, The Dorsal Effect.

The Dorsal Effect is a project centered on a fishing village known for catching sharks – it aims to give local fishermen a stake in the survival – rather than the slaughter – of sharks. Kathy aims to help the fishermen of Indonesian village Tanjung Luar develop sources of alternative income by offering ocean excursions for tourists. The 30 year old has made it through to the first round of the Singapore International Foundation’s Young Social Entrepreneurs Programme and is hoping to get funding for her project within the next few months.

Kathy Xu Educating Local Young People About Sharks

Kathy Xu Educating Local Young People About Sharks

As well as working hard to get The Dorsal Effect project off the ground, Kathy Xu has also been volunterring with Shark Savers Singapore, specifically giving presentations in local schools and helping out at events.

This project is important because it will have a direct and measurable benefit on shark populations, while giving local people the motivation to conserve sharks and to benefit from their continued survival.

The photographs below were taken by Kathy Xu at the Indonesian fishing village of Tanjung Luar, near Lombok. Kathy’s project aims to convert the local fishermen into shark savers.