Change MUJI

Protest MUJI Japan

Protest outside MUJI Yurakucho store. MUJI Japan: Stop Selling Shark Fin Soup!

Japanese ocean activist Eri Tanaka is the driving force behind the Change MUJI campaign. MUJI is a Japanese retailer that has nearly 600 outlets in several other countries. The company proclaims itself to be an “eco-friendly” organisation – yet it refuses to stop selling shark fin soup unless shark fins are banned by the Japanese government. This despite the fact that MUJI Taiwan readily agreed to halt the sale of shark fins.

Eri has launched an online petition urging the company to immediately stop selling shark fins, which at the last count had garnerned over 61,000 signatures. She organised a peaceful protest on June 9th outside MUJI’s Yurakucho store. So far, though, MUJI Japan has refused to budge. With someone like Eri Tanaka on their back though, it is surely just a question of time.

Sign the petition to tell MUJI Japan to end its complicity in the slaughter of sharks.