Protest shark fin dealers

Shark fin is sold wholesale by numerous countries across the globe. The sale of almost all shark fins is legal but of course highly unethical. Legislation to protect sharks is extremely poor even in the best of cases. I have researched the internet for shark fin wholesalers and was extremely disturbed by what I found – a company in Florida, for example, offers to supply up to 20,000 kg of shark fin per month. This means that the USA is still a major market for shark fin and that it is being consumed on a huge scale. I have data (which is freely available on the internet) about wholesale suppliers. Please contact me if you wish to stage a protest outside a premises.

Data currently available on these locations:

USA: Florida, Texas, California, Colorado, New York.

UK: Herts and Carmarthanshire, South Wales.

Spain: Las Palmas and Pontevedra.

Australia: Melbourne.

South Africa: Kwazulu Natal.