ICCAT Campaign: Demand urgent action now!


ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas) was set up to protect Atlantic tuna species and guarantee sustainable ocean stock levels but it has failed miserably. One species – the Atlantic bluefin tuna is on the verge of extinction. The bureaucrats and pen-pushers at ICCAT have consistently ignored scientific advice and have allowed unsustainable numbers of bluefin tuna to be caught. Sharks are often caught up as “by-catch” in commercial tuna-fishing operations- by banning the catching of tuna, ICCAT would also reduce the number of sharks caught. ICCAT is another one of those “official bodies” that seems to do nothing but waste money – they certainly don’t do what they were set up to do – protect tuna. So who are these people? Well, the entire staff are listed here, complete with email addresses. I have listed their emails here, so you can copy and paste them into an email. and what you want them to do.

Update November 17th: ICCAT has FAILED once again to implement a zero quote for bluefin tuna. They had a golden opportunity to save the fish they are supposed to be protecting and they failed to take advatnage of it. Instead of doing the job they are supposed to do (protect Atlantic bluefin tuna), ICCAT have acted as a roadblock to a protection. They appear to be more interested in supporting the fishing industry (which is very powerful in Spain – coincidentally ICCAT are based in Madrid). Write to them and tell them to DO THEIR JOB or GET OUT OF THE WAY.

ICCAT email list:
driss.meski@iccat.int, victor.restrepo@iccat.int, papa.kebe@iccat.int, laurie.kell@iccat.int, juan.carlos@iccat.int, luis.gallego@iccat.int, jesus.fiz@iccat.int, penelope.cabello@iccat.int, alberto.parrilla@iccat.int, carlos.palma@iccat.int, carmen.ochoa@iccat.int, jenny.cheatle@iccat.int, pilar.pallares@iccat.int, philomena.seidita@iccat.int, rebecca.campoy@iccat.int, christel.navarret@iccat.int, christine.peyre@iccat.int, marisa.deandres@iccat.int, mariajose.garcia@iccat.int, juan.antonio@iccat.int, felicidad.garcia@iccat.int, cristobal.garcia@iccat.int, africa.martin@iccat.int, juan.angel@iccat.int, esther.pena@iccat.int, takaaki.suzuki@iccat.int, ana.martinez@iccat.int, info@iccat.int

Please forward this information to as many people as possible. Good articles on the subject here and here.