24 hrs left to show your support for massive marine reserve!

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Photo credit: Wyland, USFWS Headquarters

There are just 24 hours left to show your support for the creation of a huge marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean. The fishing lobby is fighting hard to get the plans for the reserve watered down – so let’s tell President Obama that this is a vital step towards protecting marine life. Show the US government that people care about the oceans!

Over a million people have signed so far – add your name now.

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  1. Wendall Waters says:

    Please do not water down the plan to create a marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean. Now more than ever, we and marine wildlife need to preserve our oceans.

  2. Joey Rossi says:

    Create this Marine Reserve and help marine life from greedy fishermen! This new Marine Reserve will also help sharks from the disgusting practise of Shark Finning!

  3. Me and Joe will be cycling 700 Miles on Friday 22nd August to raise money for Shark Trust, Check us out http://www.cyclingforsharks.co.uk

  4. Madeleine Harvey says:

    Don’t be weak !! Create the marine sanctuary .

  5. alan elkan says:

    Is it true, according to BBC World Service, that shark finning or at least the recorded sales of fins, has been reduced by 80% in the last 12 months due to pressure from the Chinese Govt and from major hotel chains? If true this could be a great triumph for the campaign but still needs support for othe threats such as this marine reserve.

  6. Hazel Cobus says:

    The ocean is a beautiful place that needs to be kept in balance. It is the most important part of the world, and a lot of bad things could happen if we do anything to harm it!!! Protect the sharks, protect the ocean, protect the world.

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